Admission Procedure And Policy

Admission Process:  

Pre Admission: Before admitting a patient, Our Internationally Certified addiction professionals’ council with patient’s guardian.

Post Admission:

APON always maintain post admission Physical & Psychological check-up. Such as Dope Test, TB, STI, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B-C etc.


Because of current pandemic situation for covid-19 we isolate a new patients for 15 to 21 days during detoxification process. After finishing detoxification, patients join in our main rehabilitation program. At the same time patients have to go through other medical tests for determining other diseases or medical problems, if any.

Treatment and Rehabilitation Activities:

APON believes that treatment should be available for all drug users/addicts, whatever his financial condition is APON never deny any drug addict for his financial crisis.

Treatment Facilities :     

(1) Detoxification by a Professionals Prescription. Medical Check-up      every week.

(2) Community therapy by peer counseling.

(3) Find out the problem of the client.

(4) Provide treatment by behavior shaping tools. (BST)

(5) Spiritual development.

(6) Skill development.

(7) Sports and recreation.

(8) Awareness program for ST, HIV/AIDS, VCT.   

(9) Psychiatric evaluation and Counseling.

(10) Education regarding the adverse effect of drug abuse at

       deferent system of human bodies.

(11) Meditation Physical exercise practice

(12) Indoor and outdoor games facilities at center’s own playground.

(13) Rescuing of patients from resident

(14)  Relapse prevention Planning

    (15) Transport service for diagnostic, specialized treatment, etc.  

       purposes requiring from outside.

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