Love You High School


This writing is mainly dedicated to the enthusiastic kids who can’t wait to be in high school and can’t wait tot grow up and have their own life and independence. Actually I am also one of them who can’t wait to have more adventurous experiences in life.


If I had to sum up high school in one sentence I would say that it’s the most extreme part of life and most unforgettable experience in our teenage life. When in high school you have a carefree attitude instead of being completely responsible for yourself. Your parents are still there to take care of you in every step of the way.


Starting, high school is an overwhelming experience for any teenager … these new books and lessons will usually have higher academic expectations than your primary and junior-high school ones. They want to help you get into college; in return, they expect you to work hard and improve your skills.


High school life is the best memory of being student. After I graduate primary school I felt a mixed of emotions, excited and nervous. Excited in the sense that I’ll gain new experiences, some new teachers and more studies. Nervous because I didn’t know if I could get through this stage of life.


I overcame competitions on studies. Luckily I always see my name on the part where students been favoured by fortune. Whenever my class teacher hand out my result card to me I always got nervous. It caused me to shake. It gave me shivers, the so called ‘Goosebumps’


The whole credit goes to my teachers and I am grateful to God and my parents who have supported me all times. At some serious times, I was not serious. I just studied and read my notes when needed. Sometimes, I didn’t give attention on my lessons.


Most of the time, I came to school just to see my friends and to have a quality time together. And I knew I was wrong. High school made me learn from my mistakes. But this is what high school life is - to trip on, to be cracked and to be playful.


But we have to always think about our parents who work hard for us and we should always try to exert such effort on anything to give our best and make our parents feel proud if us.


May be right, at this moment some of you’re already wishing you could go back to those times wherein all you did was having fun with your classmates, and wanting the treasures back which you have kept somewhere in you heart. Though it is now impossible!


By:  Orthy Toor     Grade – IX




Horror On The Highway


When I was 24 years old, I experienced the most horrifying moment in my life. One day I was travelling to see my best friend who had travelled few states away to go to college. To visit him, I had to drive through a long highway. While I was driving, my car’s engine suddenly stopped. I took my car on the side of the highway and my car stopped there. I tried to start my car. It took a while but the car started.

I was so happy at that moment. I got back on the highway but my car was doing some weird noises like something was grinding on something else. I kept driving and after a while I saw a sign board that said there were a gas station and a diner (a small restaurant) on the next exit.

I drove through the highway and reached the gas station. I got out of my car and stepped towards the gas station to get help to fix my car. I cupped my hands around my eyes to see through the glass on the door and it seemed like it was abandoned. I turned around and I felt weird. There was no car or person on that place.

I checked my phone and there was no service. I looked up at the sky and it was all white and the clouds were moving rapidly. And it was shivering cold outside. I could see the diner from the gas station. I drove to the diner; I thought it was abandoned too.

 Before I could enter in the diner, an old lady came out of the diner and welcomed me. She said “Do you want a booth?” I said “yes”. I just wanted some hot food in my stomach. She took me to my booth; the diner seemed very old fashioned and I was the only one there. I sat there. When I looked up, I saw the old lady was wearing an apron with stains on it. Her teeth were old, cracked and yellow. But she had a pleasant voice and seemed to be a nice person. She gave me the menu and asked “what would you like to drink?” I said “a Coca Cola or Pepsi would be fine. She went to get my drink.

I looked at the menu and it was very simple. There were only fries, burgers, sandwich and salad. I wanted to order a burger with some. The old lady was taking too much time, but I waited a few minutes more. Still  she was not returning with my drink. So I went to check in the kitchen. When I opened the door, I saw the room was empty.

I was hungry and after seeing there was nothing on the room I felt sad. There was another room at the end of the room. When I was going towards that door, I heard the scariest, most horrifying laugh. I got very much scared; I ran to my car and started driving. I looked up at the rear view mirror and saw, the old lady standing on the middle of the road and smiling.

Going there was a bad idea.

By: Nicholas Dhrubo Das. Grade: VIII




How To Overcome Laziness


What is laziness?


It is a desire to be idle,to do nothing. Sometimes we enjoy being a little lazy. Such as after working hard for several hours or when we stay in bed on a very cold day.


In order to do work properly we must overcome laziness. Due to laziness, we often avoid tasks because we find them too big and too tiring. Instead of that we should divide our tasks into small pieces. In that case we will not require too much effort.


In some cases we feel sleepy due to being tired and lacking energy. In that cases we need to give ourselves the rest and sleep we need. We should also do exercise and get fresh air to overcome laziness.


We should learn from our successful people to not let laziness win.


By: Esha Rahman Grade: VII





A handful of pupils call it a teamwork and cavort into doing it,

Upon getting caught none of them ever admit

Not in a million years will they fathom the sin they actually commit,

Coming into the possession of hardworking-free marks for them is another name for benefit.


Tattoos and notes were old means of resembling answers on the test,

Substituted by ultra-violet pens, smart spy technology under their vest.

They will all sit beside their confidants on a wonted schedule,

Flocking around the toppers on the exam day to be successful.


Not as easy as to find a needle from a bunch of cotton grass.

When they are free from the prison, they jump off and peep at the papers around

Never will any of them learn even after getting a dressing down.


Call it plagiarism, infringement of copyright or cheating,

Yet all mean the same,

Earn your marks yourself

Don't let others' efforts go up in flame.


What is the cause of cheating, if you inevitably worry about getting caught,

Don't you trust on the abilities that you have brought?

 Never coast on the efforts and scholarship of someone else,

If you want to succeed, then come on, tighten up your belts.

By : Kifayat Qayyum Audri   Grade: VIII



few lines to my sick grandma,,,,,

Grandma, you mean the world to me. Your sickness has been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. The lessons you gave me has helped me to become a good person by heart. Everyone says that I have been on her from head to toe, from anger to laughter, from walking to talking and from vein to vein.

Grandma, you are the most beautiful, wise and strong woman in this world. Though you raised me more or less but i feel that you love me from the bottom of your heart.Whenever,i hold your hands i would forget all of my problems. I remember, when i was 11,i achieved my first award and that was writing about you. I remember while i was studying, you used to come and touch my hair with  affection and said "Study as much as you can and make a motive to be a doctor."

Grandma,that 18.10.2018 was a nightmare. I can recall how you faced a brain stroke while praying namaz. The last word you said to me the day after that was "Don't cry"

Grand ma, you are my inspiration and i hope that one day i will be you. I know that you used to study twenty two hours a day while completing your graduation in Rajshahi medical college and I also knew that you were the first female doctor in Dinajpur city and used to treat of people in a day.

I feel proud that I am the granddaughter of Dr.Saleha Khatun. I promise you one day by studying in  my level best I will be a gynecologist like you. I will never forget all the encouragements that you have given me as a child in my failure.

Thank you for all that you have offered me. Thank you for all the blessings. I am proud to say that I have a grandma, one who never really grew old, her smile was like sunshine and a heart like a pure gold.I love you unconditionally and i know that our life will never be the same again. May Allah bless you and give you well recovery.

By Tahia Asmi Astha   Grade: IX


Small promise, huge grief!


Her mother just looked up at her father’s picture with heavy, watery eyes and thought

“Why is He creating the worst possible?”….


Rimi, a seven years old playful girl had asked her mother for a school bag so she could go school with it. And as usual she made her mother promise to bring it. Her mother couldn’t refuse her heavenly eyes. She was overjoyed as she could now show it off to her friends who already had a new bag for their new class!


Her mother was a widow who worked helplessly as house helper from day to night for a handful of grains. Getting her child a school bag was a big deal and was a huge challenge as she earned from hand to mouth. No one was there to support her or look after them. She only aims to educate her child and see a sparkling smile on her face.


Rimi on the other hand was playing and waiting for her mother to come with her new bag. Her excitement was sky high and the smile couldn’t fade away. Rimi’s time was passing at turtle’s pace and her mother’s was just opposite.


Finally it was evening. Rimi was sitting outside her house awaiting for her new bag. From far away Rimi could visualize her mother approaching. Her heart pumped fast. Adrenaline rushed. She started day dreaming too as her mother entered the house.


 In a jiff she entered. Rimi saw her mother empty handed. The balloons of joy, the colors of happiness faded so did her smile. “I couldn’t fulfill it my child.” Rimi’s mother told her in a faint voice. “But you promised!” Rimi cried. “I will never trust you again.” Rimi outcried!


Her mother just looked up at her father’s picture with heavy, watery eyes and thought

“Why is He creating the worst possible? Doesn’t she deserve to live any moments of happiness?”


By Pratham Mundra Grade: X



A living dead bride


She was now just a 13 years old moving corpse. She was mentally  dead but alive for the world. Only twenty nine hours were left for her parents to see her off.


.A young teen was sitting as a fiancé of a man who is twenty years older than her. Its 21st century where child marriage is a felonious crime yet Nimi could do nothing but cry. She had run out of tears now! She protested but no avail. It was Nimi’s family’s financial conditions that caused it to happen. Nimi was sitting beside her room’s one feet square window looking at the full lit moon.


She was present but her thoughts were in the past. She kept pondering about her future. She now leaned back on her bed that never changed since her birth. She closed her eyes and dreamt of the life she spent like a bird, free! But every other moment her marriage floated on those tears. She dreamt of  those sweet and sour moments but kept thinking to suicide.


If she had opened any of those eyes either her dreams will break or she herself. It seemed easier for her to die once than dying everyday with a stranger that too of her uncle’s age! No sooner had she finalized to hang herself on the ceiling fan, she realized that the roof isn’t strong enough to hold a fan and her weight too! And by that time her soul was fully dead, or shall I say murdered?


By Pratham Mundra Grade: X




People says "a mother is her child's best saviour" but in today's world because of some monsters who goes by the name of HUMAN TRAFFICKERS and MOLESTERS or RAPISTS, even the best saviours are not able to do their duties even though they want to. But there are also named unnamed heroes in the present too.


Mrs.Amelia has only one daughter and for her, the smile of her daughter is the most precious to her. Being a little girl, Anna loves to play and her favoutire material to play with is cardbox. "What do you want to play today Anna?" asked Mrs.Amelia to her daughter. "With my new box" replied Anna. Just at the moment Mrs.Amelia received a phone call and she asked Anna to play somewhere close in the park. Few moments later after Mrs.Amelia was done talking on the phone she saw Anna's box beside a tree. Wanting to scare her daughter Mrs.Amelia soundlessly went near the box and "BOO" she said. But as soon as she went infront of the box she couldnt see a single single sign of her daughter. Anna was only 5 years old so Mrs.Amelia thought that her daughter must be playing somewhere around. But only if she knew that her daughter was now somewhere far from her.


Its dawn now. Mrs.Amelia was still finding her daughter with tears flowing from her eyes and regret of leaving her daughter alone was making her heart heavy each passing second. Then she decided to inform the police about the matter as it was her only way to get her daughter back. She begged to the officers to save her daughter and find her.


Five days have passed since she has registered her complain about Anna being lost. But sometimes the people we hope the most from are not able to fulfill our expectations. Mrs.Amelia was now again going to the police station again as it has become a routine of her since the past 5 days. But everyday she went there with a new hope to get any information about her daughter even though she has been returning home without any information. "Please at least find the fact how is she?", "Its been 5 days since her disappearence and still you people have not been able to give me any news about my daughter" said Mrs.Amelia weeping. "Lady we are already trying to find her but we are not being able to track her. But recently we got some news about minor children being kidnapped. They are molested at the hideout and also physically abused then immedietly burned after the crime. If you want we can show you some evidences regarding those victims." "What do you mean by you want to show me the evidences?! Are you saying that my daughter is one of the victims! I do not agree to this" shouted Mrs.Amelia. "Lady we are just asking you to look at the evidences once. It will make the investigation easy for us".

"No, none of this belongs to my daughter" Mrs.Amelia left the police station trembling. Though none of the evidences matched with her daughter but the thought of something similar happening to her daughter was making her shake out of fear. Her vision started to get blurry due to the tears as soon as she reached home. The thought of being a horrible mother was making her hate her own life.

The sounds of siren and the sunlight coming from the window woke Mrs.Amelia up. Her eyes were denying to open due to her eyes getting swallon. She forced her eyes open and opened the door. A man wearing police uniform with a police car was seen infront of her. The car door then opened and Mrs.Amelia wished that this wasnt a dream. She hopelessly prayed audibly that it wasnt a dream. She felt arms wrapped around her waist and she slowly opened her eyes. Without knowing her eyelids got heavy and tears started to flow without her knowing. She feel on her knees and finally hugged the most precious possesion of her life. She cried tears of happiness after finally being able to hold her daughter in her embrace after such a long time. "You have a really pretty and brave daughter lady" said a women who was standing infront of the mother and daughter. "She is the saviour of your daughter lady.


[09/12, 2:05 p.m.] Bon New: She saved your daughter from such a situation thay very few people would want to get involved into" said the police officer




"Wow! These stones are so beautiful. Can i have them please" said an enthustic Anna. "Sure but at first you need to come with me your mother is waitng for you there" said the stranger." "Really you are taking me to my mom! Ok,lets go".


"Where my mom? I dont see her here, brother." "Just stop talking too much!" said the stranger teenager boy. Then he dragged Anna into the bushes and yanked her on the ground. The innocent child was crying out loudly and begged for mercy. The boy started to beat Anna and was taking off his bealt. Just at the moment a teen girl saved Anna by hitting the guy on his back. The guy trembled and Anna ran away. The guy regained his balance and started to hit the teen girl. The little girl was seeing everything from behind the bushes and she ran away to call for help. A man who was passing nearby helped them amd took them to hospital.


"Miss is this your child?" asked an officer to the teen girl. "No she is not related to me" said the teen girl while smiling to Anna. " I helped her because of humanity".




Mrs.Amelia feel on her fours and join her palms infront of the teen girl and bowed to her


By Layba Azad   Grade: IX


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